Microcurrent Sculpt Facial

Radiance Glow Facial
60 min
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There are many ways to reduce the effects of ageing. Some choose more invasive options while others opt for injections and fillers, and then there are those who choose the non invasive methods. We use Microcurrent Non-surgical Face Lift. Microcurrent doesn’t require the use of injections, fillers or surgery. There are no cuts in the skin or needles involved, and so it’s a virtually painless procedure.Microcurrent treatment helps tone, lift and re-educate the muscles back to their original position. It also works on improving the skin tissue and dehydrated skin, softens the lines and wrinkles improving the skin’s texture and tone. It works on wrinkles and laughter lines, firms up sags and bags and tightens the muscles that make up the face. We recommend A course of 10 sessions.