About Alania Aesthetics


"Treat others the way you want to be treated" is Lika Alania’s favorite quote and she definitely approaches skin in this way.European born, Deft aesthetician begins by examining your skin under a microscope and devises a treatment plan based upon your personal information such as diet, lifestyle, medical condition, allergy and specific needs. In her aesthetic center Alania Aesthetics, Lika makes other people's dreams come true by healing , rejuvenating and perfecting their skin.

She specialises in anti-aging treatments such as microcurrent, muscle stimulation, skin tightening and in targeted skin concerns such as acne and rosacea. Apart from fine lines and wrinkles, acne and pigmentation, Lika covers a broad spectrum of skin concerns and uses high quality, luxurious technology and skin care products. She offers Microcurrent, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, oxygen facials and the most importantly red carpet facial done with famous oxylight technology.

Lika believes in a deep pore cleansing and thinks that clean skin defines effectiveness of the treatments and is essential in penetrating potent ingredients. Rosacea is especially sensitive concern to her as she suffers from it. Even though she struggles from this baneful disease she still manages to have astonishing skin. The disease definitely plays a potent role in her fascination with skin and makes her work more challenging.Lika has an unique perspective on skin and uses european technique. To achieve flawless, glow-from-within kind of skin, Lika advises her patients on the correct skincare products and regime. Her other secrets for a healthy glow? Good night sleep, positivity, healthy diet and her unique spa playlist.